Automated Video Previews

At Lucid, we’ve harnessed the power of AI to seamlessly embed highly engaging automated video previews in your website or streaming service with just a few lines of code. Put simply, LucidVideo gets your content watched.

Save Time Creating Video Previews

Unleash the power of AI on your media collection. Lucid can index your entire media collection, from individual uploads to MRSS feeds with thousands of videos, Lucid creates short previews to replace static video thumbnails, increasing engagement and customer retention by up to 10x.

  • Ms. Congeniality - Movie

  • GI Joe - Animation
    GUID: NMWN48GB329

  • Mary Poppins - Musical
    GUID: N8N37VW6HA0

  • Sister Act - Movie

  • Free Solo - Documentary
    GUID: N6HL3S6V10U

  • Rent - Live TV
    GUID: N5H7L82N6S0
Automated Tagging of Videos with AI

Thoroughly Tag Your Content, Automatically

Lucid’s Fusion AI Engine recognizes the content of your videos and tags them accordingly. Your content will be cataloged with best-in-class metadata such as actors, emotions, scene locations, activities, brands, products and more, all without any manual input on your part.

Multivariate Testing Improves Performance

Don’t settle for good enough. Lucid multivariate tests all video previews to ensure that the best performing preview is served to your users. Stay relevant with automatic, continuous A/B testing of video previews.

Multivariate Testing Of Video Previews

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