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What if AI increased your site’s retention by 10x?

In a world where the competition is fierce, we are here to help you extract previews and insights out of your video content with AI. We are a team of AI & Entertainment experts whose mission is to develop the smartest content engine on the planet, and we partnered with leading media companies to achieve that.

Show Real-time Previews

Give your audience a taste of the video by showing them tailored previews. Lucid intelligently picks parts out of your content that maximize viewer engagement and clicks. You’ll save hours of manually cataloging and cutting your own clips.

Provide Smarter Recommendations

Know what your viewers love and provide tailored content that makes them stay. Lucid understands your audience’s preferences by learning their behavior to deliver the most customized video previews and recommendations. You’ll finally have a smart helper with the data to optimize your revenue.

Always Stay Up-to-date

Keep content always relevant with the most trending topics and preferences built into your previews. Lucid’s AI engine continuously scans more than 100k websites, news feeds, and social networks to learn and provide you feedback on how to optimize your site. Search by text, topic, and terrain to identify your ranking and positioning in the market.

Our deep expertise in AI, specifically computer vision, language processing, and text interpretation, makes us the perfect partner for you to achieve your viewership goals. Are you ready to take your content to the next level?